Training Is Tops

None of us are born affiliate marketers, we have to get some knowledge about how to go about it and eventually become successful at it. So where does one go to get the necessary knowledge about affiliate marketing? One of the places to start your training is right here at Wealthy Affiliate and it’s free to take a look at and even get your feet wet with it. Wealthy Affiliate also offers a premium membership with loads of more in-depth training than the free membership offers. Once you get to the point (like a lot of members) where you say to yourself “I want more than what the starter membership has to offer” then, by all means, go premium. There are a couple plans to fit your budget, like $49.00 monthly or $359.00 annually, which comes to less than $30.00 a month.

Training is really top-notch on this website. With every phase of the lessons is a tutorial video that runs anywhere from 25 minutes to a full hour long, plus all the dialog and exercises the student has to complete. In the first phase called Online Entrepreneur Certification, there are 5 courses of 50 lessons, about 10 lessons per phase (or course) and the next phase (Bootcamp) has 7 courses with 70 lessons. So that is some training that will keep a person busy while learning the business of affiliate marketing. Then every week Jay (WA member) puts out an hour-long tutorial video on a topic relevant to some new training or just redefining some training already in existence. Sometimes there are more than one or two ways to explain something and Jay does a nice job with his Magistudios Webinars. Premium members get this for free every week to further their training.

Then there are the regular members who chime in with their insights and thoughts and put out some real informative advice or blogs. Read what interests you and skip the rest. I must get 20 to 25 emails daily from Wealthy Affiliate members with some gem of information associated with internet marketing. All trying to be helpful with some bit of information they feel will help me and others succeed. The community as a whole is very helpful even writing about their failures and not wanting the rest of us to fall in the same trap. It is very hard to admit one’s failures and to put it down for everyone to see is very courageous on their part, but that is the makeup of the members here. Everyone here has the mindset of we all succeed together and have no qualms about sharing their success stories. The attitude is we are all in this together and failure is not an option.

If a member has a technical problem with anything related to Wealthy Affiliate there is a team of experts waiting to solve the problem and they do. I can relate first hand to this as my problem was resolved within 24 hours. I just had to fill out a support ticket and they corrected the problem to my satisfaction. Like I said earlier, just throw out a question or a problem to the membership and someone will surely have an answer. Or if you want to get more personal and know the person you wish to communicate with you can send them a one on one personal message and that goes for the owners as well. A very open-minded forum. Then there is the Live Chat forum where everyone chimes in and you certainly will get your question or problems solved by other members. Have you ever found another website that offers that kind of support? I didn’t think so. All in the name of training.

On this platform you have so much training it’s hard to believe. Online marketing is not an easy endeavor. Perseverance is a must if you want to be successful. The old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” can apply to online affiliate marketing too. A person has to work at it and not just go about it willy-nilly. If that were the case, everybody and their brother would be doing it. Making a fast buck does not belong in the same sentence with affiliate marketing.

Training doesn’t end with just reading from the training manual. Work is involved, given tasks to prove to yourself that you understand just what you’ve read and can put into action. Just do the work, the training is there for your benefit, no one else. It is such a waste of time to just read something and not do any of the tasks involved. Seems like a waste of time to me. If I’m going to spend the time to read the material, I might as well complete the task and finish the project.

In the first part of training called the Online Entrepreneur Certification, all phases are designed to help you understand what goes into becoming a successful affiliate marketer. Every aspect you would want to help you make a go of it is somewhere in the course. How to set up a website. How to find good keywords to use in any article. How to choose a profitable niche. How to effectively incorporate affiliate links into your content. How to get instant access to product news within your industry. How to earn money through affiliate programs in your niche. How to add shopping widgets to your website. I could go on and on about the “how to” training here, and that’s only in the first course. The platform includes everything you might need, and then some, to be a successful affiliate marketer. Just do the work and good things will follow.

After the Online Entrepreneur Certification course, the next course to tackle is the Affiliate Bootcamp Course. There are seven different sections with ten lessons in each segment, so seventy lessons with video and tasks to perform. All to teach people the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and make your journey enjoyable and profitable. This affiliate marketing platform is no “get-rich-quick” endeavor, it can be a lifelong job if one chooses for it to be. Not a scam in any way shape or form, just a good way to make money.

Good luck on your endeavor and make some money.

A Few WaysTo Make Money On Line

A lot of websites have popped up on the internet spouting their ideas about how to make money on line. Some legit, others not so legit. The old MLM sites are still available and if you have enough money to invest in all their up sells, then have at it. One time after I had given them over $400, and gotten basically nothing, other than how great their organization was and I could be wealthy with them for just a few more dollars. I asked for my money back, at least that way I would be better off by $400, but alas, it was not to be. I had received the information they provided, although it was just a pile of garbage, in my estimation, so I had nothing to complain about. I had their information, and they had my $400 and I wasn’t about to throw more good money after my bad investment.

That is one way to make money, but it is not a legitimate way in my estimation. Yes, they sent me the information I requested so where was my problem with anything? You know the old saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover” and I find that a very true statement indeed. Had I been able to look at the content of the material I would have seen it was not a very reliable publication about making money on line. The only people making money with it were the BS artists putting this garbage out for us unsuspecting and trusting would be entrepreneur. It always hurts worse when YOU are the one being snookered. I’m just ranting here in the hopes no one else gets taken like this. Even if it says “money back guarantee” cause their guarantee isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Which is why I like the way Wealthy Affiliate does it, FREE to try it out. Now I can live with that. Even their advertising says to leave your credit card at home, no need to use it with the free information and other benefits Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, including building 2 free websites of your choice.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium

If you want the more expanded version of Wealthy Affiliate and a few more features to it, you might like to try the PREMIUM version of Wealthy Affiliate. The premium version offers everything that’s in the free version plus such things as 50 free websites instead of just 2 as in the free version. You get unlimited live help as opposed to live help for the first 7 days in the free membership. A keyword search tool that allows unlimited searches as opposed to free 30 searches. As I said earlier about the live help which is different than 1 on 1 coaching you will get for 7 days with the free package but with the premium membership, you will have unlimited coaching available with the premium package. Also, if you promote Wealthy Affiliate and someone signs up for the premium program you will earn twice the commission as you would with a free sign up. There is much more training with the premium program as opposed to the free one. The Bootcamp training alone offers one phase for free but all 7 phases for the premium platform. Is there a big price tag on these programs? The price tag for the free platform is just that, free, while the premium platform carries a $49.00 a month price tag or $359.00 a year. For all that is included in the premium package, I feel it is well worth the money. Don’t get me wrong, people do use the free platform and reportedly make money with it. People also use the premium platform and make money with it as well. A good comparison of the two platforms would be to compare a Lamborghini to a Volkswagen beetle, both will get you where you want to go but one will get you there faster and in style without much effort while the other will get you to the same place with a little more effort and inconvenience. The choice is yours.

Other Ways To Make Money On Line

The internet offers many ways to make money from the comfort of your home or office. Taking surveys is one way every starting entrepreneur can get active in the money making program. You just have to get on their website, tell them what you are interested in of all the categories they have to offer and the website will point you to surveys that are available. Some will pay you $10 or $20 depending on the length of the survey. Some offer as little as 50 cents a survey and might only be 4 or 5 questions. I find the best way to get to the survey website is to Google “Online Surveys” or something of that nature and you will be bombarded will all kinds of survey options.

Another way to make some money online is with product reviews. Using myself as an example with my Fly Fishing website, I can do a product review say with flyfishing rods and reels. Using such websites like Amazon, Cabela, Bass Pro Shop, or even Clickbank, I can research an item and if the structure of the item is pretty close to identical then the price is usually the determining factor and each of the websites will list the price, cost of shipping and handling if they have the item on hand or has to come from the manufacture and other pertinent information before you make the purchase. They will also let you know what your commission will be, but that should not be your deciding factor in reviewing the product. What is important is the best deal available for the shopping public, not what’s best for your pocketbook. Give the public a choice as to what is available in you product review and let them make up their own mind as what is a fair price to pay for the item. If you put in the work, you will reap the reward. I remember reading a blog by one of the members here on Wealthy Affiliate that she has 47 product reviews on the website. That is a lot of reviews in any ones book, but that’s why she is on her way to Vegas and I am not. Makes my 3 or 4 reviews per website look pretty sick compared to hers.

There are more ways to make money on line than just the few I have outlined here, just leave it to your imagination and I’m sure you can come up with a half dozen more.

Good Luck and keep on keeping on.

How To Spot A Scam

Scams have a tendency to pop up all over the place. Sometimes even where you wouldn’t expect them to. It seems like a lot of people are out to make a quick buck with little or minimum work put into it.   Scams show up online most frequently as the scammers feel they are working behind the lines and not exposing themselves. They feel stealthy and like to attack unsuspecting prospects. Not always the case but most likely, as I will relate to one instance that happened to me recently.

This one was a phone call and went something like this. The phone rings one morning and I answer it. He starts out ” Hi Grandpa, how are you today? I’m fine who is this? It’s your Grandson calling from Florida. I said which Grandson, I have 14 of them. It’s Brandon, Grandpa and I’m in Florida. You were just up here (in Alaska) to visit couple weeks ago and you said you would go home to Ohio at the end of the week, so what are you doing in Florida, I say? While I was in Alaska my old school buddy called me to stand up at his wedding and he’d pay my plane fare, so I took him up on it. Before the wedding we were out partying and I was driving when a lady ran a red light, but I T-boned her car and when the cops came they knew I’d been drinking so they ticketed me and took me to jail, even though it was her fault. Now I’m in jail and can’t make bail and I need some money. I gave the public defender your number so he will call you to let you know where to send the money. I checked the area code and it was from Marathon, Florida and then my phone rings and the guy says he’s Brandon’s lawyer and needs $1,500 bail and fine money and when I get my bill made up I’ll call you for that too. I said “you guy’s have to be more creative for me to believe this story, and besides that you two called me a year or so ago with a similar tale. I didn’t bite then and I’m not going to bite this time. With that he hung up and haven’t heard from either since. I checked the area code he was calling from (624 I think) and find out it is a Mexican area code, so needless to say it’s not all local. The thing that still baffles me is how did they know I do have a Grandson named Brandon, where did they get my phone number and connect the two. The area code on my number is easy, all of Alaska is 907 and I guess me saying “Brandon you were just here” they could make up a story about paying his way to Florida, but by them telling me what named Grandson I have is a bit odd. Was it just a coincidence or were they just guessing? Good guess if they were. I called my daughter and she told me Brandon got home on time, never had been to Florida and doesn’t even know anyone in Florida. Hope this wasn’t to long of a read for everyone, just wanted to let you know about a scam I have first hand knowledge of. And I have another one to tell you about next, first hand too.

This one is an internet/computer scam. First thing in the morning when I get the computer booted up, I usually check the news for what’s happening or had happened. I read an article and there was a “Click Here” to continue which I did and instead of more news, I got a BIG, almost complete screenshot, of a warning from Microsoft, saying my computer was infected with pornographic material and not to shut it down or the infected material would remain forever, but I should call this number and a techie would repair it at Microsoft expense. I called and to no surprise or amazement by me, a voice comes on with an accent from either India or Bangladesh and wants to help me with the problem. OK, Microsoft does farm out to technicians not just Americans and Microsoft is a respectful name and company so no red flags just yet. My first red flag was when our phone connection broke about the third time and it sounded like the guy was carrying on about three conversations at once and I told him so. I couldn’t understand half of what he was saying and nothing was getting done on my computer. He apologizes for the bad connection and wants my number so he can call back. I thought he should already have my number, but let it go at that. Now he says he’s working on it and wants to know if I bank and pay bills with this computer. A red flag goes up. Then he says I should check my bank account to see if someone has already hacked into it. Another red flag. I said my account is OK  as I had called on my cell phone and the bank said everything is normal. Then he says he’s got my computer fixed, but nothing had changed, he just hung up and let it go at that. I figured he was trying to scam me but I couldn’t close out that page and now I didn’t believe him that I would be permanently infected if I turned off the computer. So turn it off I did and after a few minutes turned it back on and wallha everything back to normal.

Those are two of the scams that I have experienced first hand and I’m sure there will be more to come but we all have to be aware. 

A few scams are pretty obvious to spot just by the nature of the product being offered. Remember the one where your car can run on water? Just buy this bottle of miracle pills, drop one in your gas tank, fill it up with water and you’re good to go. For how long or how far was never mentioned. Might even have a money back guarantee with it. This should be a scam that is easy to identify. Ever try to get your money back from a company that is even legit, let alone one like this one. They made their money selling this tall tale, and now you expect them to refund your money. How about the repair bill for your car engine. You have about as much chance at that as you do getting a refund.

Some scams even disguise the product name to make you think you are buying one thing but in reality, it is something different. An obscure illustration would be two handheld telephones for $19.95. It does say two, so it’s not going to be $19.95 for each one, but for both. That’s the way most people would interpret that, so you send off for your new phones and wait with baited breath for them to arrive. The day comes when they show up and you’re so happy, until you open the package and find two tin cans with a piece of string connecting them. There is your two hand-held phones. Remember as kids when you did the same thing? You thought that was the greatest thing going, you could hide and still talk to your buddy fifty feet away and no one else knew your plan of attack, or whatever game you were playing. Now it can be turned into a scam. I guess it could be called “bait and switch” tactic. No matter what you want to call it, it’s still a scam.

Scams can come in all shapes and sizes and from some pretty sophisticated ones to some really dumb offerings. We as consumers have to be aware and on our toes at all times. Remember the old saying “A fool and his money are soon parted?” I think they (whoever they are) had scams in mind when saying that. That kind of summarizes it up so be careful when you see an offering that is to good to be true, believe it , it probably has SCAM written all over it.                   

No Scam Here At Wealthy Affiliate              

I haven’t checked out to many other affiliate programs, (but have checked out a few) and there always seems to have another hoop you have to jump through to get to where you want to be. They always want to add an “upsell” so when you get the complete program, you also have spent a lot of extra money.  I tried one of those programs a while back and every time I tried to add something new they wanted more money. I was getting fed up and lucky for me, they did feature a feedback section. When  I informed them that I wanted to make money, not spend it on upgrades, their reply was “you have to spend money to make money”. I told them they got the last dime from me and I wanted a refund of what I had spent. “Sorry” you didn’t complete the training so you never gave our program a chance to show you how to succeed in making money.  I figured I was chasing a rainbow and there was no pot of gold at the end of this one so just gave it up as “lesson learned”. I also learned it’s not a good idea to throw good money after bad so I gave up on that idea.  After that,  I stuck my toe in the water on a few other sites and was a bit more cautious from here on out. I don’t quite remember how I happened on Wealthy Affiliate but do remember the ‘No Credit Card Needed”  to sign up for FREE. I thought now how good is this? I did sign up for free and started in on the training only to find I wanted more as all this was really good and if I went Premium, it would be even better, so that’s what I did, and been here ever since.

Not that I am an expert or anything like that, but I know a good thing when I see it and that is definitely here at Wealthy Affiliate. No need to even put WA in the same sentence with scam. Kyle and Carson have worked so hard to make this site the best it can be, and I think they are succeeding in every aspect of their endeavor. The training is second to none with new topics and videos added constantly to keep us affiliates up to speed on the latest. I think about a month ago I counted up 241 training videos available to members, and more have been added since. Jay, a fellow member adds new training/video every Friday I think. I don’t know when he started this or how many he has produced but there are a lot of them. And other members have followed suit. All interesting and worthwhile. Some tell “How I Did It” and what they did that didn’t work so well, but all educational and worth the time spent following their posts.

So all I have left to say is if you are looking for websites that will scam you and take your money, you’ve come to the wrong place here at Wealthy Affiliate. The price is right and worth every penny, whether you start out with the FREE subscription, the monthly Premium $49.00 or the annual payment of $359.00 or wait for the Black Friday $299.00 special that is up to you. No one will be critical of your choice, just jump on one. Good Luck and here’s to your success.

Find Useful Keywords

Keywords are King 

Keywords are essential when creating a good post or page for your website. Keywords look pretty much like the branches on a tree where they branch off the tree trunk and produce a lot of  leafs (keywords) for you to choose from to make a comprehensive post or page. To make the search for good keywords much more easier, look no further than the Jaaxy website.

Alphabet Soup

A good way to start your search, (not in the kitchen) for keyword ideas is to use the alphabet soup method. By that I mean you create a few words relative to your site/post such as ” Make Money ” as your starting point and add a new word to expand your search like this; make A lot of money, then go to the B letter “make BIG money” and so on. Like ” make CASH  money” and so on. Use whatever letter fits with the first words you wrote and go through the alphabet. You might end up with 26 new phrases to use as keywords or phrases. It might take a bit of thinking to complete the whole alphabet, but don’t you want to put a lot of thought into your posts and pages to make your website the best it can be?

Quality Keywords

Having a quality post or page is a given for a good website, and JAAXY will work hardest (over other search engines) to point you in that direction. I’ll list a few of the sections in JAAXY that I feel are excellent, starting with Monthly Searches. This is a big question, how many monthly searches are being done on the keywords I’m looking at? You look at the column and see a 2–not very good in my estimation then 10 then 25, getting better but not enough activity surrounding those keywords. Getting 50, now you’re talking. In this column the higher the better, but it should be at least 50 searches per month. 

The next metric you should be interested in is KQI or Keyword Quality Index. This gives you an instant pulse of keyword quality for any marketing campaign. If you have a quick way to determine quality keywords it makes your search more efficient and your research much easier.

 Another column is labeled QSR or quoted search results. This is the ultimate competition metric and is a compilation of all the search engines findings for the information gathered and tells you the exact number of competing pages there are under that EXACT search term. The number should be under 400 with 300 being ideal but the closer to zero the better. Keep in mind, you are trying to get your work ranked and this metric goes a long way in helping you out. 

The next column is SEO Power. This lets you know if your keyword is a good candidate to get SEO rankings. You need to have ranking to make money in this business. This is based on the traffic, the nature of the keyword, competition and the keyword quality. It all fits nicely together and not one stands alone. Make use of these indicators and you will have the making  of quality content on your site.

Use the link below to look around JAAXY and see how it can benefit you and your business and Good Luck.

More to like @ Wealthy Affiliate

Would you be surprised if I left this page blank?  There are not  a lot of things I can think of that all the members, myself included do not like about Wealthy Affiliate (WA).  People can’t even complain about what membership in WA costs. How can one complain about FREE? WA has two (2) membership platforms, one is free the second one costs all of $49.00 a month or to save more money $359.00 a year which figures out to less than $30.00 per month.                                                                                                                                                                                          MORE TO LIKE @ WEALTHY AFFILIATE                                                                                             

What’s not to like at Wealthy Affiliate?

One of the things I hadn’t paid much attention to was “Hosting”. WA wins this category hands down. In looking at other sites, hosting alone can cost you $250.00 monthly for their hosting platform. At WA it is included with your membership. Saving money is always something to like. No hosting company offers a website builder like WA does. Including a keyword research tool or live video classes. These are updated on a weekly basis and topics vary, but always worth while training. Teaching you how to make money with your own website. That’s what we are all here for, right? A while back I had the opportunity to check on how many video tutorials there were on Wealthy Affiliate and found, buy my count, 241 tutorial videos. So if you are into watching learning videos instead of reading (although you can do both) you will certainly have a cupboard full.  Having trouble with your website? There are classrooms here at WA to help you with that as there are classrooms to help with authoring and content. You can tap the community and thousands of members are more than willing to help.

Website Builder Industry 

A live chat website (1st 7days for free members) unlimited chat for premium members. The same goes for 1 on 1 coaching, so premium has a lot more to offer if that is important to you. Some of this stuff even the most reputable hosts are not even offering like 24/7 support, state of the art cloud hosting, low density shared hosting and premium monitoring. You want to tackle hosting keyword and the industry in general you can right here. People who need hosting, need training, need websites, need support, all this is offered here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Most website builders out there are using “proprietary” software that does not come close to the wordpress framework. Some of them offer a “free” initial install, but not one hosted on quality hosting, with a full wordpress install like offered here at Wealthy Affiliate. So promoting the website builder and the “free” niche website here is really a no brainier and you will be able to easily promote WA as the stand out in terms of a website service out there because of the quality, unlimited hosting, the 24/7 website support, the internet marketing training along with access to website experts 24/7 and 1 on 1 help. A lot of training and help on this website folks. Other websites to visit to see what they have to offer as opposed to WA like even who offers one (1) free website but nothing more unless you upgrade for a price.

Other Industries To Look At

There are many other industries you can target, not just the internet marketing/make money niche. Set your target on such industries as  Hosting or the website building or any other internet marketing/make money niche. Then there are such sites just for keyword/research and again the wordpress industry along with any other related industry like local marketing and authoring industry.   The opportunities are endless and it is quite easy to make WA a standout product in any of these segments, because frankly, they don’t offer any of the other stuff.     Hope this offers some brand new marketing insight into the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

If you would care to leave a comment on this article whether good, bad or indifferent in the space below, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

Another Look at WealthyAffiliate

If you are searching for a way to make some money online then you have come to the right place. No scams, no up sells, no BS, no hoops to jump through, no do this first to get to where you want to go, just straight forward information you can use if you are interested in making some money on line.

First, The Basics

Ever hear of a money making program that is FREE? You might ask, “but is it any good?” The answer is a resounding YES. There are two (2) platforms to Wealthy Affiliate (WA). The first one is the free site, the second one is the Premium site.   

                                                                        FREE            PREMIUM

Live Help                                                               1st 7 days————Unlimited
Private Messaging                                               No  ———————Yes
Websites                                                                    2 sites—————–50 sites
Website Security Package                                  NO ———————YES
Website Backup                                                       Yes———————–Yes
Personal Affiliate Blog                                          Yes———————Yes
Beginner Training Course                                    Yes———————Yes
Affiliate Bootcamp Training                              Phase 1———–All 7 Phases
Live Video Classes                                                    No———————-Yes
Video Walkthru                                                          Yes———————Yes
Keyword Research Tool                                         30 searches—–Unlimited
Training Classrooms                                                 2————————–12

Affiliate Program Commissions                       Yes————-2xHigher

Earn While You Learn                                            Yes————————Yes

1 on 1 Coaching                                                           First 7 Days—–Unlimited 

Private Access to Owners                                        No———————-Yes

24/7/365 Website Support                                           No———————-Yes

Website Feedback Platform                                      No———————-Yes

Website Comment Platform                                       No———————-Yes

Website Analyses                                                             No———————Yes

Best For                                                               Getting Started–Ready To Earn

Price                                                                                   $00.00—–$49.00 Monthly

                                                                                                                 $359.00 Yearly

The comparison is not an in depth one but more of a thumbnail  sketch and can be viewed in depth on the Wealthy Affiliate website.  I have personally used the Website Support a number of times when I committed a blunder that I didn’t know how to fix myself, but they found and fixed the problem in no time flat. You get that with the Premium membership but not with the free membership. The Website Comment Platform falls into the same category.  With so many members here at WA you will always have someone that will answer your questions or tell you where to find the answer to your question. Again, that is available only on the premium platform.

The 1 on 1 coaching with the free membership is good for the first 7 days after signing on to WA while the premium membership gives you unlimited access to the coaching staff for as long as you are a premium member. The same can be said about having access to Kyle or Carson, the owners, you can PM (private message) them anytime, if you are a premium member. I don’t know of to many, or any other company that lets you talk directly to the owners, PM, email or any other form of communication that you can think of.

If video is your thing, WA has plenty of that. Every classroom or subject presented has a video giving you a walk through of that lesson. I think I counted like 241 videos and more are added all the time as a new lesson comes out. Members themselves post videos of something that they want to share with other members and I think every Friday there is a live video with member participation. If you can’t make it live, they are all archived.


Take Some Action  

Don’t get me wrong, FREE in this case is good and a lot of members stay with the free platform. I have heard time and time again “as soon as I get this or that bill paid off, I’m going Premium” or even ” when I make enough money from the free platform, I’m going premium”.  By all means, do whatever you want, but by no means make this hard on yourself where you are cursing or shaming yourself for going premium. No one is going to fault you if you stay with the free membership. The important thing is to get one or the other. If you are intent on making some money on line and in the affiliate market place, I can’t think of a better place to start, or at least look at than right here at Wealthy Affiliate. If you would care to leave  a comment, in the space below, about this article, good, bad or indifferent, I would love to hear from you. Good Luck!!




A Review—-Wealthy Affiliate

I have posted a review on the website of Wealthy Affiliate in general. To get to know the ins and outs of the site is to dig a little deeper into different aspects of the site.


The training Wealthy Affiliate  provides is second to none. There is training on everything you might need or want to know about affiliate marketing. Want to know how to create a website? It’s all here at Wealthy Affiliate. Very simplistic and in a format of ‘click here” here and here and it’s pretty much done. If you are a starter member (free) you can make two (2) website for free. If you are a Premium member (paid membership) you can create up to fifty (50) websites for free. I didn’t know how to create a website when I started here at Wealthy Affiliate, but now I have two (2) sites up and running.


In the learning phase about promoting Wealthy Affiliate, you are asked to create a website of your own promoting Wealthy Affiliate and make commissions from promoting it on your new website. Very simple and profitable. One new sign up for premium membership will pay an annual commission of $175.00. Not to shabby for giving a person an exciting platform to make money on line with your own business. Other options are available too, if you don’t want to, or can’t afford to make an annual payment, a monthly payment program is available. Whichever one works to your favor.

Bootcamp takes you a little bit deeper into the working of affiliate marketing. You’ve graduated from middle school and now you’re in high school or maybe even on to college. This will teach you how to make your website friendly to all who look at it. Easy to use, no stumbling blocks to sidetrack you endeavor of making money with affiliate marketing.

I probably should have included this back in the training part but it is applicable in describing all aspects of Wealthy Affiliate.
There are a lot, and I mean a lot of videos on the Wealthy Affiliate website. It seems like every Friday a member posts a new video on any given topic. WA (wealthy affiliate) has a section with all these videos that as a Premium member you can view whenever you want.

Kyle produces a new video for just about every lesson he has. That is only from my memory as I did not research every lesson he has made, but it seems to me that every lesson I have done has a video showing how it’s done as he is doing it. What it boils down to is that if you have a hard time comprehending the written word, Kyle will show you how it’s done with the spoken word. Very helpful to a lot of people, me included. If I can see how it’s done sometime sinks in better than just reading, how it’s done. I was just curious about how many videos were associated just with lessons and found there to be 241 videos in just the training lessons.

Lessons in Wealthy Affiliate

There are a great number of lessons on all topics that pertain to affiliate marketing on the WA website, with 25 to 50 lessons on them all. The Bootcamp theme has 70 lessons, which is the most I have found. There are 7 phases on this site with all these lessons, it’s like taking a 4 year college course. There is a course on Social Media like Facebook, email and other platforms to get customers to your website. Want to get visual on your site? There are lessons on that. Then when you get all those people coming to you site, hopefully to buy something, they in turn will give you referrals of others who will buy something you have to offer. That starts a never ending cycle and if they are happy they will tell their friends where they will make a purchase and it goes round and round and makes you very happy. If things are running slow in that area, WA has lessons to promote Pay Per Click (PPC) where Bing, Yahoo or others will charge you for names in their database that are prospects to buy what you offer. I have never done that but there are lessons here on how to make it work. There is a whole phase in the training on “How to have successful PPC Campaigns”

There is just so much good training here and covers every imaginal aspect of affiliate marketing I really don’t know how one could pass up such a great opportunity. I make it easy for you to get to their website. Just click on the highlighted Wealthy Affiliate link and it will take you to their page.

Bonus Time

There is enough really good information on Wealthy Affiliate without getting a Bonus to try it out, but I’m sure everyone  likes  something a little special so I’ll add a chance to get something extra.  One thing you must do to collect your Bonus is to join the Premium platform within the first 7 days of joining Wealthy Affiliate. In doing that you will receive your first Bonus. The first monthly premium will be only $19.00 instead of $49.00 a 59% saving.

Another Bonus  for you “Action Takers”  is the video training you’ll have available.  I counted 241 videos in the course and you are privy to all of them. The tutorial videos in the classroom and course training are 2nd to none. Sometimes the visual explanation is better than the printed word, it’s like hands on training.

I’ll add one more bonus that I use quite often. Live and Interactive help, even at 2 AM!!  Wealthy Affiliate premium members have access to a live chat platform with over 10,000 members happy to chime in if you come upon a roadblock you can’t get around. Some member will pop up and say “I know how to solve that problem” and give you the answer, or at least where to look to find the answer. It’s all in the community and yours if you go Premium in the first 7 days of membership.   Good Luck


No Cost To Look

Take a spin around

Wealthy Affiliate is a program that allows a person to dip their toe in the vast ocean of affiliate marketing. I don’t want to bore you with all the statistics but will only say there are over a billion computers in use all over the world and a majority of the owners are looking to make money using their computers.

Wealthy Affiliate Is At The Top

Wealthy Affiliate is  a top rated site for making money on line. It is not a scam, easily accessible, free to try, small amount of money to own the premium platform but free if you want to try the basic platform. One can make money with the basic platform, but a little more work is required. The premium platform offers a lot more and is more of a point and shoot site. Check out my “WA Review” page on my website for a complete breakdown of the two programs.

Training Is Tops

A day does not go by that something new is not added to the website. Help is available from so many sources and someone is always there to lend a helping hand. You can even PM (private message) the owners and Kyle or Carson will respond. If you have a general question, there is a “Chat” page and any one of over 10,000 members will jump right in to help. An idea of how vast the training is, for starters the first training lesson consists of 5 courses and 50 lessons. The next training phase of the course is 7 phases and 70 lessons with 2 to 5 projects/homework to do with each lesson. So there is definitely hands on learning with these lessons. It just goes on and on. I feel like I’m back in school. But if you want to make a go of it you have to put forth the effort. You don’t get nothing for nothing.

You Set The Pace

If you want to work at your online business 1 or 2 hours a day or stay at it for 6 or 8 hours a day, that is up to you. Want to take 3 or 4 days off a week, that’s up to you. You work at your own pace. The out come of that effort is yours and yours alone. It doesn’t make any difference to MY bottom line, but it does make a difference to YOUR bottom line. Just like working in the labor force, you put in 40 hours you get 40 hours pay. You can’t expect a 40 hour check if you only put in a 20 hour week now can you? Wealthy Affiliate gives you the tools, but you have to use them.


I might suggest that you look over the Wealthy Affiliate website if you are at all interested in creating you own internet business. You can get on the Free site and see what you think of it before you decide if you want to pursue the idea of affiliate marketing. I would think if you are this far along in the process that you are passionate about starting your own business and Wealthy Affiliate is the best place I know of to start. Good Luck

Jump In With Wealthy Affiliate

Brief Look at Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a platform that teaches people how to make money on line. It has a wealth of ideas and techniques that are tried and true methods of making money online. So if you are interested in making some extra bucks working online, just jump in here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Take A Tour

Wealthy Affiliate is an easy program to navigate. Click on any WA link that is high lighted and it will take you to a sign on page. It doesn’t cost you anything to look, and you might just find something to your liking.

It Is Addictive

I am always amazed at how much and interesting information is packed into the pages at Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member now for a few years and never tire of reading every jam packed page. Training is rampant throughout the website. The community is so large and world wide it boggles the mind. I have asked a question on the chat page and got answers from Australia, Japan, UK and Canada to name just a few. How can anyone go wrong with such a diverse following?

Two Platforms, Free & Premium

There are two platforms here at Wealthy Affiliate. One  is free to join the other is $49/month or $359/year. The free site has limited options but will still get you up and running. The premium site has basically unlimited options as I have outlined in another post on my web page about make money selling good information has a comparison chart of the two programs. Check it out on my website  and like I said it can be found in my post on selling good information.

Make Money Online Selling Good Information

People everywhere are looking for good information.  Weather it is about a product, something useful, something not so useful, information, how to instructions or where to get it, how much is it or when can I get it. All this information is good and needed before a person can make an informed decision to spend their hard earned cash on the item. It might even be free, but you will not know until you check it out.

If you are that person selling the information, you had better make sure it is good information. You don’t want to put a lot of time into a project and get nothing back in return. Your hard work should not be free work, at least that’s how I see it. If you want to contribute your time and effort, charities are always looking for volunteers, but you are trying to run a business here.

Some of the best information I found on “how to sell online” is right on the Wealthy Affiliate website. They have the best of both worlds. A starter  program that is FREE, yes I said FREE and a premium website that costs $49 monthly or $359 a year. That is a pretty good deal as it breaks down to less than $30 a month with a lot more features than the free program.

Don’t get me wrong, the starter program will get you up and running but a few of the features on Wealthy Affiliate, like owning your own website, the starter program offers two free websites where as the premium offers 50 free websites. There are many more offerings on the premium side as opposed to the starter platform.


                               STARTER                vs             PREMIUM  

Live Help—– first 7 days                                           unlimited

Private Messaging—No                                                Yes

Websites——–2 sites                                                 50 sites

Website Security package—No                                   Yes

Website Backup —–Yes                                               Yes

Beginner Training Course—Yes                                    Yes

Personal Affiliate Blog—– Yes                                      Yes

Affiliate Bootcamp Training—-Phase 1                       All 7 Phases

Live Video Classes——No                                            Yes

Video Walk-Through——-Yes                                     Yes

Keyword Search Tool—-30 searches                           Unlimited Searches

Training Classrooms ——2                                           12

Affiliate Program ——–yes                                          2x higher payout

Earn while you learn—–yes                                           yes

1 on 1 coaching——–First 7 days                                 Unlimited

Private Access to Owners—-No                                      Yes

24/7/365 Website Support—No                                      Yes

Website Feedback Platform—No                                     Yes

Website Analysis————No                                        Yes

Best for————-Getting Started                               Those Ready to Earn!

Price—————FREE                                                  $49.00/Month                                                                                                               $359.00 Year

Which of these platforms work out best for you? That is up to you to decide on. A lot of members (like I did) start out with the free starter platform and later switch to the premium platform. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t switch over to premium sooner. The starter platform has a lot of good features to it and if money is tight right now, don’t stop there, get on the starter program.

As you can see from the comparison platforms the premium platform is much more comprehensive, as it should be for the small amount of money charged for everything you get by going premium. Even if you just look at the commissions paid out for promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program, premium membership pays you twice the amount for every person you sign up as opposed to the starter program.

Another platform that I like and have used more than I like to admit is the website support. They do a fantastic job. My latest blunder was when I wrote a post and had to interrupt the writing at over 800 words. When I came back to finish it up and wrote another 300 words so all in all had over 1,100 words and so I published it. I’m looking back over my WordPress site  I come across a post with the 800 words so I deleted it. Or so I thought. Instead I deleted my finished post of over 1,100 words as well. Somehow the 2 posts were linked together. I spent about 2 hours looking and just couldn’t find it. That’s when I filled out the HELP support ticket and left it up to the experts. A day later they had it back on my website where it lives to this day. I can’t thank the crew enough and know that it works.